Business Litigation Lawyer in Coeur d'Alene ID

Many commercial disputes are resolved by the parties themselves and never require the services of a business lawyer. In some cases however, the disagreement is so broad in scope, or so vital to the interests of the parties, that court action is necessary.

If your business dispute may end up in court, it is wise to seek the counsel of an attorney with extensive trial experience. Trial experience not only means that your attorney has the skills to represent you in court, but also the experience to advise you on settlement options based upon his assessment of how your case would be play out in trial. In other words, the seasoned trial lawyer is the one who can best keep you out of court.

James Bendell has three decades of trial experience, including work as a judge pro tem and Court Commissioner. He knows how to gather and present evidence most effectively in court, and how to utilize the testimony of witnesses. If you are facing a dispute with business partners or competitors, retaining a trial attorney experience in business law early in the dispute can give you the edge in negotiating the best terms to resolve your differences.

James Bendell represents clients in the following matters:

Business Partner and Corporate Shareholder Disputes

A serious business dispute can be as messy and emotional as the dissolution of a marriage. If you’re in the middle of a disagreement about how to run your company, James Bendell can help you achieve a fair settlement. Learn more about business partner and corporate shareholder disputes.

Construction and Building Defect Disputes

James Bendell handles a wide variety of construction and building defect claims. Whether you need experienced defense for your case or you’re filing suit against an entity in the construction industry, you’ll want our skills and experience on your side. Learn more about construction and building defect disputes.

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation often involves more than just the disputed money or belongings – there are often many emotional family issues involved. James Bendell understands the difficulty of trust issues, and will work for you to resolve the problem quickly and fairly. Learn more about trust litigation.