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Years ago there was a bestselling book called “How to Avoid Probate!” The theme of the book was that probate was horribly expensive and should be avoided like the plague. It is worth re-examining this view for those of us who will die in the 21st century, which presumably includes most people reading this column. First, what is probate? Wikipedia … Learn More

Eyewitness testimony in trouble

A ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court may have nationwide impact on the admissibility of eyewitness testimony.  In the case of State v. Larry Henderson, the justices unanimously ruled that 30 years of scientific research has shown that eyewitness identification is less reliable than once believed.  The court stated: “We are convinced from the scientific evidence in the record … Learn More

Petitioning for adult guardianship

The adult children of an elderly person, or that person’s spouse, may someday be faced with the option of petitioning for guardianship of that person. A guardianship is a formal court proceeding wherein one person is authorized to manage the affairs of another adult who is seriously incapacitated. Guardianships take a variety of forms. In the case of a severely … Learn More