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Coeur d'Alene Wrongful Death Attorney

When people die due to negligence, surviving family members must walk a difficult road. Not only are they grieving, but they often must do so while carrying added financial burdens.

Through my legal practice in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, I represent survivors of victims of wrongful death negligence. I help them to recover the financial costs of medical bills, funeral expenses and decreased family income, as well as non monetary losses for pain and suffering and loss of companionship.

I also help them regain a sense of justice and dignity by holding negligent parties accountable for actions (or inaction) that directly caused or contributed to their loved one's serious injuries and wrongful death.

Your Family Deserves Justice, Dignity and Compensation | Post Falls Fatal Accident Lawyer

I represent clients in a full range of wrongful death litigation involving:

Because of my more than three decades of legal experience, I understand the complexities of wrongful death litigation in Idaho. I am dedicated to proving your case and to recovering your survivor benefits.

When possible, I use medical experts, accident reconstructionists, actuarial accountants and other professionals as part of a careful evidence-gathering process designed to prove the negligence and liability of parties who fatally injured your loved one and who now owe your family money for its terrible loss.

My more than 16 years of representing insurance companies in personal injury litigation taught me how insurance adjusters and insurance attorneys think about and evaluate cases. This insight is extremely useful when pursuing damages from insurance companies.

Although I work to broker the best settlements for my clients, I am at my best in the courtroom. I have spent my entire career using my understanding of law and courtroom procedures to benefit hundreds of clients.

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To discuss your situation and your legal options for recovering damages with an experienced personal injury attorney, contact me online or call my office at 208-228-0191. I offer free initial consultations for my prospective clients.

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