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Title Disputes

Title Dispute Lawyer in Coeur d'Alene ID

Determining who really has the title to a piece of real estate, and the rights associated with that title, can be a complex matter – which is why you need an experienced attorney on your side. These disputes can affect land development, financing and mortgages, and even divorce proceedings. Whether your title dispute is commercial or residential, James Bendell strives to help you resolve the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible, only taking the case to court if absolutely necessary.

James Bendell can represent you in the following types of title disputes:

If your title dispute case may end up in court, you should choose an attorney with significant courtroom experience. Kootenai County attorney James Bendell has over three decades of trial experience, and has successfully represented clients in a variety of title dispute claims. In the event of a title dispute, James can help you resolve the matter through negotiation, formal mediation or, if necessary, litigation. He understands how to thoroughly trace the history of your property, and knows that the stakes are too high for you for losing to be an option.

If you need a title dispute lawyer in North Idaho, call James at 208-228-0191 or send a quick response email for a free consultation about your real estate case.

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