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Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain Lawyer in Coeur d'Alene ID

Eminent domain is the process by which the government takes possession of portions of private land to develop for public use. This land could be your home, your business, vacant land you're planning to develop, or entire residential and industrial complexes. If the government is trying to take possession of your land, you need an attorney who will act as an advocate for your rights from the very beginning – the earlier, the better.

James Bendell can assist you in all steps of eminent domain proceedings: from challenging the government's right to your property, to ensuring you receive the proper amount of compensation. The mere presence of a lawyer can send a clear message to the condemning authority that you won't settle for less than you rightfully deserve.

If the government takes control of all your land (as opposed to a portion) or enough of it that you need to relocate your home or business, James will ensure that you also receive fair reimbursement for your relocation expenses.

Kootenai County attorney James Bendell has over three decades of trial experience, and has successfully represented clients in a variety of eminent domain cases. From negotiations to, if necessary, trial, he can ensure that you receive what you deserve. Often, fair compensation for your property will include a portion or all of your legal expenses. If you need an eminent domain lawyer in North Idaho, call James at 208-228-0191 or send a quick response email for a free consultation about your real estate case.

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