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Earnest Money Disputes

Earnest Money Dispute Lawyer in Coeur d'Alene ID

An earnest payment is placed by a potential buyer in a real estate transaction to show that he or she is serious about completing the purchase. This money is then usually applied to the total payment once the transaction is closed. If the seller rejects the buyer's offer, the buyer will generally be refunded their earnest payment. If a buyer retracts his offer or breaches the contract, the money can come into intense dispute.

Earnest money disputes and refunds are very complicated legal matters, which is why you should obtain an experienced lawyer early on in the process to help ensure a favorable outcome. Attorney James Bendell has over three decades of trial experience, and has successfully represented clients in a variety of real estate claims. In the event of an earnest money dispute, James can help you resolve the matter through negotiation, formal mediation or, if necessary, litigation.

With earnest money disputes, a pretty substantial amount of money is usually on the line. If you believe someone else is taking possession of money that you're entitled to, contact Kootenai County attorney James Bendell today. He prepares for each and every case as though it will end up in court, but first always aims to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution outside of the courtroom.

If you need an earnest money dispute lawyer in North Idaho, call James at 208-228-0191 or send a quick response email for a free consultation about your real estate case.

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