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Construction & Building Defect Disputes

Construction Defect Attorney Kootenai County

When a property owner and general contractor enter into an agreement for a construction project to take place in Kootenai County, whether it is a house, commercial building or remodeling project, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. Claims and disputes in the construction industry are therefore commonplace. While it is best to avoid construction claims and disputes from the beginning of the project, it is important to resolve them quickly and efficiently once they arise. These disputes include the following:

– Payment delinquency
– Mechanic's liens
– Design defects
– Disputes between contractors and subcontractors
– Injury claims at construction sites
– Breach of contract
– Contract disputes involving construction
– Permitting delays
– Building code violations
– Change orders and extra work
– Delay claims
– Disputes between subcontractors

Kootenai County attorney James Bendell has over three decades of trial experience, and has represented owners and builders in a variety of construction disputes. Although his goal is to help clients avoid potential legal problems through effective project planning, he understands that this is not always possible. When a construction dispute does arise, James can help clients resolve the matter through negotiation, formal Mediation or, if necessary, litigation. James Bendell's years of experience include working as a judge Pro Tem and Court Commissioner, giving him the ability to objectively evaluate the facts of your case and to forecast how those facts will be viewed by the judge or jury at trial. If your case may end up in court, you should choose an attorney with substantial trial experience.

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