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Business Partner & Corporate Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder Litigation Kootenai County

If a business is functioning at its best, all persons involved agree in the long term goals and short term strategies of the business. New ideas should be encouraged, but sometimes business partners find they in sharp disagreement. If that happens, you want to take swift action to reach a fair and efficient resolution to disputes with your business partners.

Many business owners are more than just partners – they are friends. Trying to resolve a business dispute that is intertwined with personal relationships can be difficult. A worst case scenario can mean the end of a friendship and the collapse of a business.

Minority corporate shareholders are especially vulnerable to Shareholder Oppression, Shareholder "Squeeze outs," and Shareholder "Freeze outs." These are various methods used by the majority shareholders to manipulate voting their shares to the financial detriment of minority shareholders.

Having the right counsel during this critical time could save your business. Kootenai County attorney James Bendell has over three decades of litigation experience, including representation of businesses, corporations and shareholders. His first goal will be to assist you in settling a business or shareholder dispute without a lawsuit. Often these disputes can be resolved through formal or informal Mediation, a less expensive process than litigation.

However, if the partners' disagreements are too great, litigation may be necessary. If that happens, there is no substitute for trial experience. The attorney you choose in a case that may end up in court should be an attorney who has spent many hours in the courtroom. James Bendell's years of experience include working as a judge Pro Tem and Court Commissioner, giving him the ability to objectively evaluate the facts of your case and to forecast how those facts will be viewed by the judge or jury at trial.

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