Idaho law makes it a crime to carry a concealed weapon unless the carrier possesses a concealed carry permit or is carrying the weapon at his place of residence or business (I.C. 18-3302(7).  Carrying a weapon without a permit is permitted as long as the weapon is clearly visible.

A concealed weapons permit is obtained by applying to the local sheriff.  Evidence of familiarity with firearms must be demonstrated, generally through proof of completing firearms safety courses or hunter education courses.

A concealed weapons permit will be denied to persons who have been convicted of certain crimes (See I.C. 18-3302).

Even with a concealed weapons permit, it is not permissible to carry weapon in certain places such as prisons and school grounds.  In addition, federal laws may prohibit the carrying of weapons in additional areas such as federal courthouses and airports.

Idaho also recognizes the concealed weapons permits issued by other states.

What about carrying firearms in an automobile in the absence of a concealed weapons permit?  You may carry a firearm in your vehicle inside the city limits or confines of a city as long as it is in plain view.  If you are outside the city limits and hunting or pursuing some other lawful outdoor activity, you are not required to have a concealed weapons permit.